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Audition Information

Nearly all UNF students are guaranteed a role in the cast, crew, or production team. Audition candidates may also apply for the Technical Crew or Production Team in the scenario they have a preference among placement offers. However, if a candidate accepts a role they may not hold out for other offers.

Cast applications are due on 9/7 at 11:59 PM. After completing a cast application, cast candidates should sign up for an audition time slot on Calendly. *All audition slots are currently filled, but we are working on adding more!

Auditions will take place in 10-minute slots. Candidates are expected to arrive early for check-in. Auditions will be held at the UNF Fine Arts Center; the room is TBD.

The audition will have two components: musical and acting.

You will prepare a 16 bar/one minute cut of any musical theatre piece. The piece shall last no longer than 1 minute and 15 seconds (75 seconds). If you continue past 75 seconds, we will politely ask you to continue to the next portion of your audition. Still, we highly recommend following the instructions provides. We recommend you choose a piece in the Rodgers and Hammerstein style, but any musical theatre piece which allows you to showcase your best is acceptable. We prefer you sing acapella, however you may bring your own speaker if you choose to sing with a track. If you plan to bring your own speaker, ensure the track does not rely on the internet in case of poor connection.

The acting audition will consist of a scene selection from R+H’s Cinderella. After selecting an audition time slot, you will be emailed a link to a document hosting _ scene selections. Please prepare one scene selection of your choice to perform during your audition slot. You will be able to read from the script during your audition, but we highly recommend memorizing the selection to the best of your ability. Scene selections will be emailed to you by Wednesday night.

Your performances will be evaluated on the following lines of effort:
1. Professionalism (Timeliness, Appropriate Behavior, Focus)
2. Ability to Follow Directions
3. Problem-Solving (if applicable)
4. Respect & Kindness
5. Text (Memorization and Understanding)
6. Believability (Truthfulness, Pursuit of Objectives, Concentration, Presence)
7. Physicality (Appropriate Gesture, Posture, Movement)
8. Vocal Expression (Projection, Articulation, Emphasis, Inflection)
9. Presence & Overall Creativity (Poise, Passion, Energy, Creative Risk-Taking)

After auditions, the Production Team will meet to discuss casting. Afterwards, we will put out a flyer for Callbacks (Sept. 13). The flyer will list actors' names and roles they are being called back for. Callbacks are used to further explore an actor's potential. Being called back does not guarantee a specific role, nor does not being called back exclude an actor from a specific role.

Please email with any questions!

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