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At the University of North Florida, we are a club dedicated to Musical Theatre. Due to the fact that UNF does not provide a degree program in musical theatre and dance, the only way for students to demonstrate their enthusiasm for this art form is through the participation in this organization. "Ride The Cyclone" will be our seventh production and it will take place this Spring of 2025.


We must fundraise to enable us to put on the best show that we possibly can. In order for this to happen we require the necessary funds for securing a performance space, props, costumes, set pieces, and more. There are so many talented individuals apart of this cast, crew, and production team and we want all of their hard-work to be showcased in the best way possible.


This past year we fundraised for our production of "Carrie: The Musical" and the show turned out to be a major success. Here is a link to view the bootleg of the show:


With this show being the hardest one yet, we must raise our fundraiser goal to ensure the production is even better than the last one!


Everyone who donates to this production will be gratefully mentioned in the program. Every single dollar counts!


Thank you!

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