To ensure the safety of the crew and cast,
there will be two options for crew members this production.

Option 1: Attending in person rehearsal on a rotation basis

In order to limit the amount of people at each in person rehearsal, crew members will be put in a rotating schedule. Crew members will be required to attend the bi-weekly zoom meeting to be filled in on the rehearsals they were not scheduled for. While not attending rehearsals, you may be asked to do other assignments to keep the production moving forward. While attending in person rehearsals, you are expected to wear a mask at all times, maintain social distancing, and assist with set-up and breakdown. Different departments (i.e. props, stagehand, etc.) may have different schedules; you are expected to know when to attend rehearsals and find another crew member to switch with if you cannot attend your day. You will also be expected to attend workdays (set construction/painting, costume making, etc).

Option 2: Fully remote crew member

This option will require you be able to visualize different elements of the production without interacting with them. You will be required to attend the bi-weekly zoom crew meeting to understand your role in the production. You will be expected to read and understand stage diagrams, scene shift diagrams, and other documents to know your duties. You may be asked to do assignments virtually to keep the production moving forward. You will not be required to attend any in person rehearsals or meetings during the Fall 2020 semester, however you are expected to attend all spring 2021 in person rehearsals to ensure you know your role. You are expected to learn as much about the show and its technical aspects during your time as you remain remote.

You are welcome to change your option twice during the Fall 2020 semester with at least a seven (7) day notice before the change is enacted. Both options will require open communication between all crew members to ensure a smooth production.


These options are subject to change based on University and Swoop Troupe guidelines. If you have any questions, please email the Stage Manager, Jasper Esquivel, at